Structural & Civil Engineers

Engineering your Environment

In 1828, Thomas Tredgold defined Civil Engineering as, “the art of directing the great sources of power in nature for the use and convenience of man”.

This definition holds true today, but we now understand that our planet’s resources are finite, and the climate is fragile. Construction is adopting new ways of working in order to preserve our environment, for the benefit of all society. Evans & Langford design with sustainability at the forefront of our minds, to make efficient use of materials and ensure that energy use is minimised. We work in multi-disciplinary project teams, with experts in all areas of the built environment, to provide clients with completed projects that not only meet their brief but do so in a cost effective manner and with minimal impact on their environment.

We can assist you at all stages of your construction project – whether you have only an initial idea or a fully formed proposal, we would be happy to discuss your needs.

We have wide experience on all types of new build, refurbishment, and historical restoration projects.

Our expertise is wide ranging, covering a multitude of services:

  • Pre-purchase site appraisals and feasibility studies
  • Structural inspections/investigations and reports
  • Flood risk assessment
  • Drainage strategies and detailed design
  • Roads & pavement design
  • Foundation & superstructure design
  • Retaining wall design
  • Pre-tender budget estimates
  • Site Supervision and validation of construction

All services are carried out using the very latest design, specification and drawing tools, enabling us to easily share design information with the design team.

Other Services